Raquel & Paco

Wedding invitation for Raquel Orellana and Paco Díaz. The project has been performed together with Javier Losada. Carried out in 2016.

Pino Font de Mora

Book design for the exhibition "Prólogo de voz" by Pino Font de Mora at the Centro Municipal de Juventud Mesón de Morella, Valencia. Carried out in 2015.

Vi Alegre

A label proposal for Alegre red wine. Carried out in 2014.


Web design for Garcia creative agency. Visit project: www.garciawww.com. Carried out in 2014 at Garcia.

Batiste Safont

Identity and web design for this photographer whose photo work is broad and varied. Due to its variety, the website and cards are based on an unclassified randomness of his works. Visit project: www.batistesafont.com. Carried out in 2013.

La Corista d’Antón Chéjov

Poster designed for the short film La Corista d’Antón Chéjov by Batiste Safont. Carried out in 2013.


Graphic design made for the PSC’s campaign for the European Elections. Carried out in 2014 at Garcia.

Josep Carreras Foundation

“La Fleur” provides an account of Josep Carreras Foundation throughout its 25 years. This book + CD was made for the presentation of this documentary. Cover design: ruiz + company. Carried out in 2013 for Shackleton.

Sònia Morera

Web design for the therapist Sònia Morera. The project has been performed together with Albert Morera De Bes. Visit project: www.soniamorera.es. Carried out in 2013.

Mercats de Barcelona

An App proposal for Ajuntament de Barcelona where useful information regarding the city’s markets is displayed. Carried out in 2012 at Buzz Marketing Networks.

Enric Rovira

Enric Rovira is specialized in 3D interior decoration. The identity is based on the simplified contact information present on cards and stationery as well as in the prominence of the website images. Visit project: www.enric-rovira.com. Carried out in 2013.